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心の歌詞 ~ the heart's lyrics

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心の歌詞 ~ the heart's lyrics

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This community was founded by me, erdbeereis ^.^

I'm gonna post romanizations (later also translations) of some lyrics by japanese bands. Mostly they will be Visual Kei related - so no J-Pop at this place >.<

You can join at any time, but if you want to post some romanizations/translations as well, message me first!

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Although I'm member of romaji , none of the romanizations posted here are stolen from their community!! ò.ó I'm not stealing anything!

All these romanizations/translations were made be me, erdbeereis , and it took me a lot of time and effort to do them, so don't use them without credit! Or I'll get very mad! >____<

To romanize, I use the booklets of the cds I have (which are not many -.-') or take the kanji-version of the lyric from Japanese fansites (and I'd be happy if someone could give me some links to some Japanese fansites, because I only know two *drop*), so if there are any mistakes in the original japanese text, it's not my fault ^^,,

I'm not native Japanese nor am I fluent. I'm not even native English ^^,,,, so if there are any mistakes, please help me correcting them ;_____;

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You can also request lyrics ^.^ just send me a mail and I'll gladly see what I can do for you ^_____^